What This Blog Isn't

This blog is not a feel-good read...it is real and honest, even when the truth is not easy or comfortable. It is not an advice column...I will attempt to fix other people's lives when my own is perfect. And it's not a running narrative on my life. It is simply me; my questioning and trying to figure out this crazy life. It is my poetry, raw and transparent. It is my heart, fragile and passionate. So welcome. Welcome to my world of ups and down, ins and outs, backwards and forwards. Welcome to my life of searching for beauty and truth and meaning. Join me. The adventure starts here...


  1. WOW, Grace! You are going to have one of the best blogs around. I cannot wait to see how these pages unfold. Love you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much girly!

    1. Awww thanks:) I'm super excited! Love you too!