Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Everyday Patriot

Car door opens and heavy boot hits pavement.
He steps out and stands up straight. The tan camouflage uniform contrasts his ebony skin.


I pick up the worn, spiral-bound notebook from the passenger seat beside me and flip to a blank page.
I put pencil to paper and words come.

As I write, he returns. Dressed in plain clothes - just like any other man - uniform folded and tucked into the duffel bag on his shoulder.

Perhaps if the poem had been finished, I could have crossed the parking lot to meet him, to smile into his tired eyes, to tuck folded paper into his hand - a humble thanks for his service.

But I didn't.
And he went on his way, unaware of the girl watching from a distance, writing of bravery and honor and truth.

Dear Soldier, this one is for you:

   Slow swing, steady step
Easy stride and lifted head
   Camoflauge of green and tan
Sure of purpose, strong of hand
   Dreams and goals of patriot true
May many take hat off to you
   Fight and defend our country brave
Not knowing what rights you may save
   And youth look up with open awe
Aspire to be the man you are
   Atand unashamed in uniform
For it displays all you stand for -
   The flag that waves with colors bright
 Over eagle's wings and future-sight
   Over independence, hope, and dreams
Over second chances and standing free
   Over family values and morals pure
Over innocence and justice sure
   Though gradually we've turned away
From founded goals and dreams once made
   From guidence good men gave to us
We've let it go and turned to lust
   For money and power and glory and fame
We've come up empty and lost the way
   And so we need men such as you
To stand up strong and fight for truth
   To go out brave with head held high
And pave the way for future bright


  1. You astonish me more and more, darling. Wow. I LOVE this. I am going to link your blog to mine today so all my followers can hop over here and take a look at you!!! Because your blog is ever so much better than mine and every other blog I've read.

    1. Aww, thank you! That would be awesome! Haha, I'm not so sure about that...:)

  2. Goshbubbles. That was loverly. You seriously have so much writing talent! I love you. ^_^

    1. Well thanks Rae:) Lol, you're so sweet! I love you too! :) Hehe, goshbubbles...I'm going to have to use that sometime:)

  3. Oh. My. Word!!! That is SO beautiful!!! I can't even say how much I love this! It needs framed!!! <3 <3 <3 XOXO ~Jonnah

    1. Aww Jonnah, thank you! I saw the post on your blog about mine, thanks thanks!<3