Thursday, September 6, 2012

For a Friend

I wrote this poem for a friend - at least that's what I tell myself.

She is the very first person outside of my family to read my poetry and it was her love for it that made me brave enough to share it with others.

So I wrote this poem for her, but I also wrote it for me, and for every girl who is a little bit quiet and a little bit withdrawn sometimes... 

Her eyes are deep chasms
  They hold profound secrets
    They reveal her soul
      But one glance does not suffice
She has learned to hide well
  From those who do not seek
    Who do not care to look twice
      They see nothing past her smile
But not all is hidden too deep
  Her door is not bolted
    Nor her walls too high
      For those who desire a deeper look
Those who linger discover, uncover
  A beauty, a treasure
    That is not immediately apparent
      In her color-flecked irises
She has secrets to reveal
  And wisdom to share
    With those willing to stay
      And wait for her to speak
But not all flows from her lips
  Her eyes speak just as loud
    From the fresh springs of her heart
      To quench the thirst of many
Her face radiates beauty
  Though many know not why
    Her lips speak truth and wisdom
      Love and warmth flow from her eyes


  1. Wow, how beautiful!!!! I wish I had the gift you do for putting words together, Grace. So sweet, so touching, so powerful... Beautiful. <3 <3

  2. Beautiful, Grace. Both the poem, and you.