Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day by Day

I told you last week that I would post a poem for you and I haven't yet...I'm sorry. There is one that I really want to post but it's not quite finished. I just can't quite get the ending how I like it. But it is coming (I think)! I've also had about a million and one things that I want to blog about and I just haven't sat down and heart has been so full lately. :)

Thanksgiving is over...sadly. We put the Christmas tree up and I'm ready for the holidays...I think.

I finished a notebook this week and started a new one! It's always strange going back through the wrinkled pages and reading all of my poetry and prose writings and lyrics from the past year - to see the journey I've walked, the things I've learned, how I've grown and changed.

It's exciting starting a new one - wondering what it will hold. I sense change coming and it excites and terrifies me. The approaching end of this year brings adventure and the new one brings graduation and whatever is going to happen after that I don't really know. But I'm ready!

Now for a poem...or two.

  A poem of love, a poem of hate
A poem to try to hide the pain
  A poem of peace, a poem of war
A poem to mend what has been torn
  A poem of hope not yet lost
To not give up at any cost
  A poem of weakness, a poem of strength
A poem of true, undying faith
  A poem to quench unending thirst
A poem reminds us what comes first

  Who can understand the poet?
Whose heart beats to rhythm and rhyme
  Whose words out-number the sands of time
Whose thoughts flow off the end of each page
  Whose pencil catches each one with grace
Whose lips speak beauty and truth
  Whose tongue can soften and move
Whose silence means deep meditation
  Whose eyes relect knowledge and wisdom
Whose ears listen and recieve
  Whose honest story all believe
Whose gentle countinance attracts
  Whose noble character nothing lacks
But who can understand the poet?


  1. i love the last poem, its beautiful.

  2. They are so good! I liked the last one too... so pretty and dreamy.

  3. I love the mystery and promise that a new notebook holds! (notebook for you, journal for me ;-) Lovely poems, especially the last one.