Sunday, December 16, 2012

When the World Asks Why

This spirit is crushed
Heart stripped to the core
At a cold, cruel awakening
And new awareness of war
The tears they keep slipping
From this grief in my soul
Why so much evil
No one seems to know
Agony on faces
Strikes arrows in heart
The world is left speechless
When one's sense departs
Black runs down cheeks
Dark streaks of pain
One sweet little face
Bears my name
How many mothers
Are weeping tonight
Over empty beds
Wondering how they'll survive
How can I catch on paper
The depth of a grief
When no words can comfort
And no tongue can speak
Where is the hope
In a world of such pain
Where young dreams are crushed
Because such darkness reigns
So many questions
And so much at stake
The shadows hold answers
I'd rather not take
Five little faces
Under this roof
If something happened to them
I don't know what I'd do
So I'll hug them all tighter
Say I love you again
Because you never know what might happen
Before the day ends

For everyone who was affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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  1. So stunning, Grace. It seems each and every poem you post gets better and better. I love you. <3