Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poetry and Apologies

I keep telling people that I'm going to start blogging regularly and I write half a post and then get busy and forget.

Sorry about that.

Sometimes my good intentions don't turn out to be reality.

Anyway, here's a little poem I wrote a while ago.

When words won't say the way you feel
And music can't drown the pain
When you can't see anything that's real
And all you hear is rain
When your thoughts elude until you run from them
And it wastes away the soul
When the heart hurts deep and fierce again
And the source is still unknown
You've been aching long through days and nights
It's left you weary and worn
You have no strength to stand and fight
With every muscle torn
You reach up through the bitter darkness
And find no hand to grasp
You can't remember not feeling like this
Any breath could be your last
Oh hope so small, so fragile and weak
What good can you do?
It doesn't matter what words I speak
My faith has been torn through
My love has left me wasted, empty
As I gave it out all wrong
And I shame myself for not stopping to see
What I knew all along
'Cause I try to run on my own strength
Chasing dreams not mine to hold
When I've been told to stop and wait
And see what He'll unfold
Sometimes I think I know my heart
And all the things it needs
But He loved to life its every part
And it's Him who knows all things

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  1. This was AWESOME Grace! :) My stuff is still more depressing fyi lol. ;)